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Horse Bridle

The Padded Bridle with reins offers classic style and comfort for your horse crown reduces bulk and places soft padding against your horse's poll: 


Beautifully crafted traditionally raised flash bridle from house of Saddlesworld.


This is a very rich quality product with perfectly raised, precisely stitched. Crafted with elite quality Vegetable tanned drum dyed leather, which is the best and foremost used in the Asian continent and delivers smooth finish along with attractive looks for schooling purposes and show ring.


A top end product anti-pressure monochromatic head piece, anatomically shaped making free space for ear. Anti-Pressure headpiece releases maximum pressure from the neck of the animal.


Soft padding is the most unique and distinct quality of this bridle. Due to soft & cozy padding on head piece, brow band and nose band, this bridle becomes animal friendly, this in turn provides minimal stretch and maximum strength to leather & above all, a comfortable buckle guard is provided on Nose band and Flash as well to avoid any kind of pinching and itching to the animal and enhances the comfort level.


Each stitch is precisely sewn and counts up to 10 to 12 stitches per inch with heavy duty cotton threads which are trimmed to impart clean and finished looks in order to retain optimum durability and beauty.


Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality of Brass buckles for long lasting results.

Horse Bridle

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The Comfort Cavesson bridle with the Cutback Comfort headpiece is generously padded with soft leather padding around the headpiece, brow band and nose band.

  • SUPERIOR LEATHER: This Brown Padded Bridle is made from world's 1# finest imported English bridle leather. The Comfort Cavesson bridle with the cut back comfort head piece.

  • OUTSTANDING WORKMANSHIP: Cut back head piece which positions the bridle behind the horse's ears and relieves pressure on the poll. The bridle has the option of brass or stainless steel fastenings. Reins for horse with rubberized strip and with leather hand stops on will also make controlling much easier due to the reinforced grip offered.

  • VERSATILE AND ADJUSTABLE: Scalloped buckles are embossed and etched with a native southwest design that takes this working tack to the Next level.Challenger padded side pull bridle makes the perfect choice training aid. Bridle features a comfortable padded browband, noseband, and cown. All hardware is stainless steel and bridle comes double stitched for durability.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Stainless steel colored fittings with hook and stud attachments.Soft Leather for browband and noseband padding. Wide padded Headpiece to enhance comfort.

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Horse Bridle
Horse Bridle

Challenger hand crafted from quality harness leather, double stitched and oiled for durability. Beautifully accented with a beaded inlay. 

  • Full Average Horse Size

  • Tan/Beaded

  • Challenger hand crafted from quality harness leather, double stitched and oiled for durability. Beautifully accented with a beaded inlay

  • ay along browband and nose. Features stainless steel rust-free hardware. Fits most average to large horses. Sidepulls are a perfect bitless training aid for horses that are not bit ready.

  • Heavy reinforced stitching for durability

  • Very good buyer ratings

Horse Bridle

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  • Handcrafted from premium harness leather

  • Includes 5/8 inch x 7-1/2' roper reins

  • Features an all leather curb strap

  • Leather is hand Rubbed for the ultimate performance

  • Bit measures 5 inch

  • Options of snaffle bit

It does come  with a bit and a choice of option

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Horse Bridle
  • 100% Natural Vegetable Tanned Hot Stuffed Leather

  • Doubled and Stitched

  • Water Tie Bit Ends

  • Nickel Plated Hardware

  • Made by Weaver Leather Mt. Hope, Ohio

  • Sport type: Equestrian

This is a good quality item, made by the famous Weaver 

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Horse Bridle