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  • EQUINE WOUND AND SKIN CARE. As the first line of defense for your horse, this solution cleanses wounds and other ailments safely and effectively. Jump start the healing process for saddle wounds, rope burn and other ailments. It’s safe for all ages.

  • PAIN-FREE SOLUTION. Clean wounds without the burn or sting. First move excess hair from the area, then spray the nozzle to remove foreign debris and saturate the area. Apply a dressing 3-4 times a day and keep the area moist until the wound heals.

  • RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS. Save yourself the expense of a trip to vet with solutions your animal care provider would recommend. From your home to the farm or ranch, care for your animals where they are happy and comfortable.

  • INNOVATIVE, RELIABLE ANIMAL HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS. Vetericyn is committed to developing the most safe, effective and innovative animal health and wellness products in the world. Each one is produced with scientific research and a standard of excellence.

  • STANDARDS YOU CAN TRUST. All products are manufactured under strict international guidelines and in an FDA-registered, state-of-the-art facility in the USA. Parent company Innovacyn, Inc. is family-owned and operated since 2009 in Rialto, CA.

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  • PROMOTES NATURAL HEALING: Corona Ointment promotes the natural healing of minor cuts, sores, burns, chapping, and dry skin

  • LANOLIN-BASED FORMULA: Thick, lanolin-based formula helps soothe irritated skin and prevents drying and cracking

  • CONTINUOUS WOUND PROTECTION: Stays in place to provide continuous wound protection and creates an excellent barrier against insects, moisture, and dirt

  • PROVEN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Leading horse wound care ointment for over 100 years, Corona ointment is non-toxic and can be safely applied with no gloves

  • MULTI-SPECIES: Can be used on horses, cattle, dogs, and cats

  • Prevents drying and cracking

  • Soothes chapped skin and sunburns

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Corona Ointment
  • Contains biotin to support healthy hoof growth

  • Supports strong hoof walls

  • Biotin plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins

  • Easy-to-feed crumbles

  • For all horses, including pregnant mares

  • Available in 40 Day and 320 Day sizes

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Vita Biotin
  • Age range description: All Life Stages

  • Contains double strength Pirate Tartrate (2.11%). See product label for directions for use

  • When fed daily, the medicated pellets provide continuous protection against over 31 of the most common species of equine parasites, including large & small strangles, as raids, and pinworms

  • Package Weight: 4.99 kilograms

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Horse Dewormer
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Porous fabric allows for ventilation so the skin can breathe underneath, which is good for the skin and better faster for healing. Made from natural rubber latex.

  • SELF ADHESIVE DESIGN: They have self-adhering ability so that the tape can stay in place all day and will not easily come loose by sweat or water. They are designed only to stick to itself, not to skin, clothing or hair. No more struggles when pulling off bandages! Really convenient for humans and pets.

  • EASY TO USE: It's easy to work with, has excellent adhesion, can be torn by hand without scissors at whatever length you need, easy for you to wrap or change bandages. Practical and easy to carry, good to have some handy.

  • WIDE APPLICATION: The adhesive wrap bandages can provide ideal support and protection, people often use these self adhesive wraps anywhere as a regular sport tape, wrist wraps, ankle bandage, or an injury athletic tape. These stretchy bandage wraps are also ideal for your lovely pets as wrapping bandages.

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  • Exclusive moisturizing formula penetrates deep to condition and protect hooves like no other hoof dressing. High in essential fatty acids and natural moisturizers. Avocado oil penetrates deep to stimulate collagen production at the coronary band. Glycerine attracts moisture to the hoof, while mineral oil helps lock it in. Helps restore damaged hooves and prevents cracks, splits and contracted heels. Enhances color, sheen and texture of hooves.

  • Made using the same all natural formula since its launch in 1936, Saddle Butter remains one of the finest leather care products available. It works by replacing the natural oils in leather that are lost through use and exposure with a blend of the finest natural oils and fats that have the same properties as those found within the leather. Unlike heavier products, saddle butter melts at body temperature, which allows for deeper penetration of the leather both when first applied and further when your leather is used. It softens dry leather and helps to waterproof as it conditions the hide, helping maintain the leather’s strength and giving it a wonderful, soft supple feel. The ultra-fine texture won’t leave your tack feeling sticky or rub off onto your clothes as oils tend to do. Saddle Butter works on all fine, top-grained leather. It has a close to neutral pH and will cause little to no discolouration of leather (always do a patch test first!). It contains a combination of fine waxes and ingredients, including beeswax and carnuba wax, tallows and pure neatsfoot oil. Each ingredient is a pure animal or vegetable product. Absolutely NO modern synthetics, mineral oils or commonly used leather-treating chemicals are used, as they break down the natural fiber and slowly rot your fine leather goods.