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  • 1 inch wide, double-ply nylon construction

  • Features a sewn-in throat snap hook for easy on and off

  • Brass plated hardware

  • Heat-sealed oblong buckle holes

  • Adjustable chin strap

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Horse Halter
  • Made of heavy duty bright color polypropylene webbing in 2-3 ply

  • Adjustable chin and crown

  • Rubber-foam cushioned fixed under nose band

  • Rubber-foam cushion pad on crown strap is detachable, can be easy adjust to best position for horse comfort by slide moving, also for easy clean and share use on other halters

  • Brass coated hardware

MY Recommended Choice!

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Horse Halter

Breakaway Horse Halter, Padded Nose and Leather Crown. Safety Horse Halters that provide safety and a little class. Add a little splash to your tack room with this 1 inch wide Nylon web safety halter with bright silver metallic thread. For added comfort the nose band is padded. Your break away leather crown will come with double crown buckles and a adjustable nose. The rolled throat will have a square eye swivel snap. The hardware is heavy duty and silver in color to match the metallic silver thread. Color: Black w/silver, Green w/silver and Navy w/silver Size: Yearling, Cob, Full A matching lead with 20 inch Chain is available for 9.27.

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Horse Halter
  • Made of triple ply nylon webbing with harness leather noseband

  • Features lead rings for "side pull", "center pull", or "no pull" to regulate tightening on noseband

  • Available in Regular (Mule/Large Horse) and Large (Large Mule)

Good strong Halter and reputable seller!

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Horse Halter
  • The Natural Horsemanship rope halter is one of the key tools you need to effectively work your horse from the ground

  • Made from high quality soft polyester braided rope that is responsive, strong, and wear resistant

  • It will stay truer to its original form for longer without fading, stretching, weakening or breaking

  • Available in 11 sizes (listed smallest to largest): 01. miniature foal, 02. small miniature, 03. miniature, 04. foal, 05. small pony/weanling, 06. pony, 07. cob/Arab, 08. horse, 09. warmblood, 10. draft, 11. custom

  • 1/4 inch soft and pliable double braid yachting rope makes a superior halter that outperforms cheap poly nylon halters every time

Horse Halter

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