Wonder Care Genuine Leather Crossover Crossunder English Bitless Bridle Headstall with Reins

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

This is a Beautifully made Bit less bridal, with Genuine Vegetable oil real leather.

It is highly recommended and comes in 3 sizes.

  • Material: 100% Vegetable Tanned (chrome free) Genuine Leather. Stainless Steel hardware. Soft Leather for browband and noseband padding.

  • Workmanship: Sewn on imported machines, finished and polished by hand.

  • Comfortable to the horse, safe, gentle and effective

  • Please refer to sizing chart before ordering. The bridle needs to be adjusted for the horse at the first application.

  • Provided with 3/4 inch wide full leather reins.

This bit less bridle is made of soft fine leather. This is a very high quality well thought out bit less bridle. and a great first time bridal for those wishing to try out Bit less riding. The nose band has padding so that the buckle under the chin doesn't rub, really an elegant design with the horse in mind. It functions just like a Dr Cook's cross under but at a more budget price. The reins are 3/4'' flat and also very nice, lightweight and already pretty soft. This bridle could easily cost twice the price and still be a good value.

Overhaul this is definitely a well made Bridle in nice quality leather and good padding, also with free set of reins. And if so many people compare it with a Dr Cook's then this is the best buy for you and also comfort for your horse. I personally was a little scared changing over from the standard Bit bridal, but with a little time on adjusting to this new way of riding I would never go back to using a Bit and i am sure your horse will appreciate it as well.

My only negative comment would be when you first recieve it you may have to make a few sizing adjustments to get a nice fit for responsiveness and comfort but that's normal and well worth a bit of extra time.

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